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Whitney Edna Ibe


Whitney Edna Ibe comes from the Eastern Part of Nigeria but grew up in Lagos. She has been in Lagos for many years and has made it her home.

After attending several schools growing up, she acquired her Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Religions. She has a certificate in ‘Talk to me’: Improving Mental Health and Suicide Prevention in Young Adults
from Curtin University, Australia, and a Certificate in Sociology, Developmental, Clinical and Research Psychology from The University of Queensland, Australia. She is currently a Life & Mental Health Coach for WEI. Consult.

Whitney’s experience includes a career in Implementing Cognitive Behavioral Learning, Acceptance and Commitment Learning, Dialectical Behavior Learning for a healthy mental state, One-on-One Coaching Sessions, Relationship Counseling, Career Mentoring, Psychology, and Mental Health Implementations for individuals over the years.

Her coaching and consulting experience has extended to executive levels of service. These opportunities have also grown from local to global areas of service. These experiences have taught her to always stay in a learning posture. Also, to implement changes personally and professionally to remain relevant each day.

What inspires her the most is having the opportunity to contribute to the success of others. This is why coaching, counseling, and consulting have become such a fulfilling passion for her and keep her going and growing.

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