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The Power Of Reinvention:

Personal Stories Of How Our Greatest Challenges Become The Catalyst To Reinvent Our Life!

Your body is a highly complex machine and you are in control – or should be. How you manage your body, how you take care of it, and how well you know it will determine how well and how long you survive. Pea

Have you ever wondered who you are? The real you?

Sometimes in life, we are faced with crazy circumstances that make us ask that question: Who am I, really? Not the person your parents wanted you to be, or society told you to be? Not the diagnosis that they labelled you with? Not the derogatory name your ex called you? The real, breathtaking you!

Taking a look at who you REALLY are, you get to reinvent yourself and reclaim the narrative of your life.

As you look for the answer to that question, you may decide to turn your life around in ways you didn’t imagine possible.

  • Will you start that business you’ve always dreamed of?
  • Will you finally get your health back?
  • Will you find that special someone who complements you?
  • Or will you perhaps finally get your finances under control?

It is amazing what you can create by asking this simple question.

In this uplifting book, nine courageous people tell THEIRstory of reinvention.

They share the events that forced them to ask the question: “Who am I, really?” and how the answer to that question changed their lives.

Are you ready to share in these remarkable reinventions and kick-start your own?

Book Details

107 pages
August 11, 2021

About the Author

Irene Anggreeni

Certified dance therapist and mental wellness coach, Irene Anggreeni, helps fellow depression and trauma survivors unlock their body wisdom and rebuild their home within. So that they can move from merely surviving to a thriving, fuller life. As a survivor herself and former academic/engineer expat, she has 10+ years of firsthand experience navigating the path of recovery in her adopted country. Her magical blend is creative embodiment, mindfulness, mindset/behaviour change and peer support. Working with Irene means close support in taking actions consistently, with exciting possibilities to explore change in your own authentic and playful way!