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Ten Strategies to Unleashing the Tiger

It is amazing to me how many people start the game of business without first developing the necessary knowledge to be successful. Second, they do not set goals or develop a plan to achieve the goals. Then, they blame the market, the economy, their location, or make a multitude of other excuses for why they did not achieving the level of success they had expected. Remember, if you never quit, you can never fail! I am a huge advocate of education and coaching. I invite you to learn and master the steps outlined in my book. Then, because I both understand the issues, situations, and challenges inhibiting your success and will partner with you to aid you in achieving your goals, email me. Watch the quality of you business life take new shape. Together, Unleashing the Tiger!™ in your business is truly possible!

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176 pages
March 9, 2018

About the Author

Dr. Simmie A. Adams

Dr. Simmie A. Adams has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology, a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling (Marriage and Family Therapy), and a Doctoratewith his area of spization being in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. His Dissertation was on the use of Organizational Emotional Intelligence as a predictor to Organizational Performance. Dr. Adams has extensive experience ranging from direct supervisor to senior-level leadership positions. This experience has created a wealth of information to draw upon in the development, implementation, and measurement of performance oriented Business and Training Plans derived from strategic guidance. His experience includes organizational development, change management, human capital management, as well as strategic planning and communications. He has strong organizational development and leadership abilities and has extensive experience in coaching, mentoring, and training personnel. He has strong communication skills as well as the ability to visualize issues, determine solutions, and implement decisions. He has led efforts in analyzing communications, conducting executive interviews, researching industry best practices as well as examining project issues and risks to develop performance driven strategies.