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This book is an adaptation of the MindFulChoice™ manual “What Is MindFulChoice™!”. It is intended for people who are not psychologists or mental health professionals, and who are interested in learning about MindFulChoice™ and using it in their own lives. A more technical document containing similar information is available from Best Minds Associates.

Feel-Cared Training Companion

Understanding helpline first responders & Emergency Personal emotional wellbeing in times of crisis and stress. Together we focus on making patients feel at ease with genuine communication and empathy by learning to avoid Tunnel Vision Effect (TVE)

4 Steps to Better Decision-Making

Learn a Better Way to Think. Make Better Choices. Live the Life You Want with Purpose, Happiness and Success.

What is MindFulChoice?

MindfulChoice is an evident-based, expert system that is the heart of Mind Focused Coaching. Psychoeducation to manage Impulsitivity and Inattention.

Positive Change for Mental Wellness

Daily Guide For Living Your Life By Design Vol 1.