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Here is the story of my encounters with Dr. Gerard Meyer

An MFC Testimonial from Scott Donkin

My journey to MFC actually began in 1999. Dr. Gerard Meyer, Co-Founder of the MindFulChoice™ Academy as well as the Mental Wellness Society, was attending an international transportation conference as was one of my associates. The two met and they discussed Dr. Meyer’s work as President and CEO of Carnegie Mellon University’s Driver Training and Safety Institute, established with an $18 million federal grant. My associate promptly gave Dr. Meyer my contact information. She explained that I had written a book titled ‘Sitting on the Job’ and suggested he contact me.

I vividly remember the first phone call in which Dr. Meyer shared his extraordinary vision of CM-DTSI. He explained how he was that it was interested in the creation of a health and wellness department that would work synergistically with all the other departments inside his living laboratory. Dr. Meyer invited me to tour DTSI and I traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to get a first-hand look at his research facility. It was most impressive.

Dr. Meyer and his team profiled thousands of truck drivers including some who had driven up to 4 million miles without an accident. His research showed that there were six basic types of driving behaviors, and all varied as to their impact on safety, fuel consumption etc.

One function of DTSI was to engage in research to determine best practices for operating a vehicle and discover what sequence for training worked most effectively. Another aspect of DTSI was then to train drivers in those best practices using all departments available at the facility.

To optimize the training center’s effectiveness, Dr. Meyer wanted a health and wellness department. He explained that it should be designed in order to develop physical capacity and preparedness, as well as providing knowledge and practices for health and mental well-being which would help in reducing accidents, property loss and injuries. In addition, a specific fitness plan would be designed for each student based upon their baseline physical capacity evaluation and their personal goals and objectives.

Under Dr. Meyer’s leadership, I oversaw the creation of the CM-DTSI Health & Wellness Department, selected employees and trained them in the use of equipment and devices, and in delivering the curriculum. Over the course of our collaboration the DTSI flourished. Enormous valuable research data was collected, we saw great improvement in students’ functioning, and demonstrated the extraordinary value of proper health and wellness for personal effectiveness.

Dr. Meyer and I remained in contact through the years as friends. He was continuing to study the research data from all DTSI departments. Simultaneously he was developing more amazing relationships. He partnered with Dr. Robert Lebovits and they created MindFulChoice™ and Mind Focused Coaching™. Later with Dr. Gerry Leisman and Coty Aserin, they shared research, clinical experience, and their individual visions, consolidating their efforts to establish the Mental Wellness Society International.

Dr. Meyer contacted me to share what was now developing. The magnitude of what I saw with MFC and MWS – combining valid, cutting-edge technology with transformational content – was truly phenomenal! The quality and talent of the people that were already a part of these organizations was world class.

Dr. Meyer invited me to get acquainted with the material that was available through books, e-books, e-learning, webinars, Mind Evoke Psychology Skills Icons and much more. He then offered to take me through the MFC training. As we proceeded, he helped me discover blind spots in my own thinking that were holding me back from accomplishing my dreams to the magnitude I had hoped. This empowered me to clarify my destination, evolve the way I think, feel, make decisions, and choose to fully enjoy living. My MFC experience has been life changing as well as quality of life changing.

Continuing to expand their activities, Dr. Lebovits and Dr. Meyer, have now founded the Mind Focused Coaching Academy where learning and training materials will be available as well as curriculums that can be used in educational institutions along with corporate employers.

Recently, we have launched in my chiropractic Center in Lincoln, Nebraska, the Mind Movement and Mood Wellness Center (M3+). All other M3+ Wellness Centers will be actual locations where people can go to receive MFC evaluations and services in a healthcare setting. Now we will be able to put the extraordinary DTSI research results and practices back to work but this time to benefit a much larger population. We will also be able to combine it with the ever-evolving content that has become the foundation of MFC and MWS thanks to the continuing work of its founders and others dedicated to making the world MFC and MWS.

Through this journey I have had the opportunity to begin working with the MFC Founders. All of them in my opinion are brilliant, visionary innovators. Dr. Robert Lebovits is a highly experienced, result-oriented clinical psychologist with a keen eye for identifying ways to accelerate therapeutic change. Dr. Gerry Leisman, a renowned researcher and neuroscientist, certainly knows how to evaluate research so that only the highest tier of research and validated instrumentation available is incorporated by MFC and its family of organizations. Coty Aserin, shifted from biologist and microbiologist to transformational therapist and certainly lives up to her incredible reputation for helping people overcome obstacles no matter how large they loom.

I am confident that MFC, MWS, along and their family of organizations and platforms are destined to positively transform and impact the mental wellness of people all over the world.