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DANCING WITH CHANGE Cultivating Healthy Organisations

The focus of this book is Change. It is also Organisation and Society Health. These two notions are so intricately intertwined that they are inseparable in the context of living communities.

Change is possibly the most broadly misunderstood concept in society at large, and particularly in organisational life.

Misunderstandings about the nature of change frequently lead to corporate and organisational initiatives that not only fail to meet their intentions, they may well actually cause more harm than good. If you are a leader in any kind of organisation, I imagine this is something you would like to change. … You can.

  • What do you understand by “Change”?
  • Why are Change … and … Organisation and Society Health inseparable?
  • Do you ever feel that there’s “something”, undefinable, missing in the life of your organisation?
  • Which illusions pervade our life, leading us into the same traps over and over again … and what is their origin?
  • Why do we need to look beyond management literature to understand organisation change?
  • How can we work with Organisation Health as a holistic phenomenon?
  • How can we Cultivate Healthy Thriving Organisations?

If these Questions appeal to you, do feel free to step into the dynamic of life, while … Dancing with Change …

Nature’s patterns determine that we ought to be thriving. We’re not. We can change this. There is no better time than now.

“Among the handful of very best books I’ve ever read on ‘change.’  Eric Lynn’s writing speaks to the nature of change and to the imperatives of nature itself in organizational life – rare among organizational theorists and so-called change practitioners. Aphoristic, wry, and wise, each page rings true, a book to be read and re-read.  Ponder it and smile.  Magnificent.”
(Martin D. Goldberg, Management Consultant & Teacher, Distant Drummer LLC & Pepperdine University)

Book Details

276 pages
September 15, 2020

About the Author

Eric Lynn

Eric Lynn has more than 40 years’ worldwide experience supporting peoples’ inherent desire to cooperate while connecting meaningfully. Change and crossing cultures have been the defining features of Eric’s life since childhood. As a tri-national who has lived and worked on 4 continents, including 8 years in Asia, he defies and rejects conventional categorisation. Clients recognise his ability to sense and pose the poignant Questions that permit them to diagnose their key challenges quickly. Today, he works primarily as … a Facilitator for Organisation Culture Change Initiatives; an Executive Coach supporting leaders gain clarity and orientation in the frequently disorientating whirlwind of professional life; a Mediator for Executive, Management and Project Teams whose initiatives have lost their way and quickly need to get back on track.