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Altruism for Advancing Mental Wellness to Fully Enjoy Living!

Generally, the best way to develop Stress’ Resilience is through Peak-performance Preparedness, by being committed to becoming the best version of yourself by acquiring a MindFulChoice™ Attitude.

Indeed, learning MindFulChoice™ is a Life-changing Process for Positive Personal Effectiveness, and as much as it seems a paradox, choosing to take care of others is part of the best protection you can acquire for yourself!

Yes, Altruism is one of the best secrets for enhancing your happiness!

There are many studies that point to a correlation between altruism and happiness. To quote one such study in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine “there exists a strong correlation between happiness, health, wellness, and longevity of people who are emotionally and behaviorally compassionate”.

Here lies a truth which on the surface seems counterintuitive. The more we focus on ourselves, the more we tend to fall into the pitfalls of negative thinking which can cause obsession, anxiety, and self-pity that can lead us to depression. When we identify, empathize, and focus on helping others, the happier we tend to be.

This point is illustrated by a story told by a physician. He told about a patient who came in almost a state of panic beseeching him for some drug that could allay his extreme fear of flying. “What helped you in the past,” inquired the doctor. “Nothing,” the patient immediately answered. He felt absolutely helpless when it came to flying. The doctor then came up with an original idea. He told the patient, “When you fly you will have a mission. You will be responsible for the comfort and wellbeing of everyone else on the flight. If you see an elderly person who needs help, you will help them. If someone needs a drink, you will be there to help, you will even check every so often the condition of the laboratory for the benefit of your fellow passengers.” Hearing this story I asked eagerly, “did it work?” The doctor smiled and told me that his intervention proved to be an absolute success. The patient’s mental energies were now all devoted to helping and he completely forgot to be afraid.

Scarceness Mindset’ Can Make Problems Worse!

When you really want to avoid something, you start to focus on it obsessively. It produces a kind of tunnel vision and creates problems for thinking positively because my research showed that “you always end-up where you look!”

Focusing on a positive outcome of supporting and caring for others is one of the essentials of The Mental Wellness Society; that’s well known. The surprising side benefit is, however, our own sense of happiness and wellbeing.

Please, join us to help accomplish our mission for advancing mental wellness to fully enjoy living!

~Abraham Gerard Meyer, Ph.D.
Founder & CEO, Mental Wellness Society International

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